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Many of our clients who own small businesses shared that they wanted to devote much more time to key aspects of the business rather than managing the financials. They wanted to free up their time and to focus on more lucrative work. The truth is that if you contract a highly-qualified bookkeeping assistant, you’ll save in the long run and spend much less than you would hiring a full-time employee. Our Accountants & Virtual Assistants are are ready to serve you with cutting edge accounting & bookkeeping services. 

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Digitizing financial processes not only reduces costs; it lowers fraud risk, accelerates growth, and fosters innovation. Streamlining is the optimization of business processes within an organization. Fully optimized and automated operations help businesses achieve their highest potential, saving time, and minimizing risks.

Financial Programs

10+ years of experience; our team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service

Financial Records

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Your VA can act as a bookkeeper and will manage all your financial documentation. This can include tedious tasks like preparing balance sheets & year-end reports, reconciling your bank and credit card statements, creating profit and loss (P&L) statements, and checking records for accuracy. At the end of every month, your virtual assistant will reconcile your finances. This will ensure that the numbers recorded in your accounting software are the same as those on your bank statements.

Expense Management

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Bill Payments

Forgetting a bill can result in late fees (an unnecessary expense for your business) and even hurt your credit score or your reputation. A virtual assistant will ensure that you always pay your bills on time, including loans, insurance premiums, and utility bills. You can also use a VA to manage payroll, pay contractors, and reimburse employees for business expenses. 


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General Ledger

A virtual assistant can prepare and then mail invoices to your customers, helping you to receive payment for services on time. If a customer is late paying, your VA can send reminders or call the customer for you. You can also ask your accounting virtual assistant to maintain your general ledger. This will mean that there’s no need for you to keep track of anything, but you’ll always be working from current data.

Success Stories

“Our bookkeeper had an accounting background and helped us to set up our Quickbooks & put a strong system in place for organizing and maintaining our financial  records Now we are able to track our levels of cost efficiency.”

June Benjamin, CEO of Peace IQ

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